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Ikea is Redefining Mealtime—And We’re Surprisingly Okay With It

Do you remember childhood dinners with your family? Congregating around a large table covered with your favorite foods and surrounded by your siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins? Maybe this wasn’t a reality for you, but no matter—Ikea’s new line is prepped to give it to you anyway. From mix and match tableware to everything you need to prepare a feast, Ikea’s got it, including colorful, durable utensils for kids! If you’re ready to give your inner host or hostess a workout, check out the must-have items below. There is something to suit each occasion, and at Ikea’s affordable prices, feel free to plan for each season!

Ikea Factors In the Smallest Diners in their Adorable Items for Babies and Children

No longer are the little ones relegated to the “kid’s table” with bland, plastic utensils. Ikea has created bright, durable, safe place settings that make even the tiniest eaters eager to dig in. With matching bowls, plates, utensils, and sippy cups, your child will learn the significance of meal time with the family from the start. Worried about the mess? Try the custom bibs, including the Kladdig, which functions like a shirt and adjusts to grow with your baby.

Stash Your Settings in Style with Ikea’s Dining Storage

Love to entertain, but overwhelmed by the sheer amount of storage it requires? Ikea designed their Dining Storage cabinets with you in mind! From chic glass door cabinets like the Klingsbo to trendy, colorful minimalistic pieces like the Valje, you’ll find the perfect storage solution to assemble to match your personal style. Only have a few items to put away? Choose the Bjursta, a sideboard with doors in a beautiful finish that creates that perfectly put-together look.

Extendable Tables to Suit Your (Growing) Family

Whether you’re a solo diner or have a huge family to feed, Ikea has the right table and chairs for you. Comfortable stools meet a streamlined table in the simple Bjursta/Nils combo. If you set a more opulent table, the rich, luxurious style of the Bjursta/Henriksdal is the one to have delivered. Looking for a multi-tasking table? Use the ultramodern Oppeby/Backaryd/Tobias for meals and meetings. It can go from office to brunch and back again by adding an orange juice carafe and a vase of flowers. Is there a baby at your table? The Antilop is a beautiful highchair complete with safety straps and an easy-to-clean tray, so even the smallest members of your family can dine in style. Let’s face it, if the table and chairs aren’t welcoming, the siren call of the television in the other room will win every time. Ikea’s tables and chairs are here to help you devote mealtime to family time by offering the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Play the Professional Chef in Your Dream Kitchen

Mealtime wouldn’t be the same without your favorite foods, prepared just right. If you’re still working with less-than-ideal tools, grabbing breakfast at the donut shop becomes that much more tempting. Promote healthy habits by starting with the right equipment. Ikea can help you build your dream kitchen from scratch, with refrigerators, ovens, stovetops, microwaves, and everything else you could possibly need to tackle that latest recipe you pinned. Take the Nutid oven, for example. It cooks your food to perfection, has a warming feature for those days when you can’t seem to complete everything at once, and even boasts a childproof locking mechanism that protects tiny fingers from prying into its interior. And after you’re finished, set its self-cleaning cycle, and it takes care of the mess itself! If you’re ready to take back your kitchen, Ikea is prepared to make your dream a reality.

Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Kitchens

If you spend much time in the kitchen, you’re bound to accumulate a few favorite gadgets to make your life easier. While we adore decorating our countertops with waffle irons, toasters, and lemon juicers, sometimes we just want them to stand out in all their glory (particularly with the Hallestad, a double-sided metallic-edged countertop that will stun your family and guests alike). Ikea has a wide array of kitchen islands and carts. Gone are the days of tacky microwave stands that are more at home in a dorm room than a dining room. Carts like the Stenstorp are decorative enough on their own, but provide multiple levels of storage for all of your cooking essentials. Ready to make it permanent? The Stenstorp kitchen island stays put and stores everything you need.

Make Your Kitchen Feel Like Home with Bright Textiles

Has the bland beige of apartment life got you down? Ready to revamp the kitchen you built but hardly ever use? Explore Ikea’s kitchen textiles, where you can add some spice to your kitchen! From the cute and functional red Stinn silicone oven mitt to the sweet dots and flower accents of the Inbjudande child’s apron, Ikea helps your space inspire your creativity. Miss those 70s avocado walls? Bring back the green in the hip Anvandbar dish towel collection. Whatever your color palette, explore the various options and fall in love with your kitchen again.

If you’re ready to reclaim mealtime, Ikea has the solution for you. Whether you’re looking to create space, choose the perfect dining room set, accent your table, or spruce up your kitchen, Ikea has affordable options that will make even the tiniest kitchens feel like home. Set a new tradition of meals with your family. Discuss your day, make new memories, and enjoy exceptional food that you’ve prepared with pride. It is never too late to make your space truly shine. Assemble the life you want, and your loved ones will remember each meal with fondness for years to come.

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