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We are a professional and local company in the NYC area providing IKEA Shopping, IKEA delivery and IKEA assembly service to the NYC area. Not only do we offer better prices and faster IKEA delivery than NYC IKEA we are also able to help you assemble your so called “easy-to-assemble” IKEA furniture the day we deliver it. The IKEA delivery service we provide takes away the need for customers to pick up their own furniture. We’ll get whatever you want on your behalf, bring it right to your home, put it together and place it anywhere you like. No payment is required upfront.



Have you ever looked at the IKEA in NYC website? If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance that you have. It’s so cluttered that just looking through all the furniture in NYC and accessories on the website is enough to make you sick. It’s difficult to find the furniture that you want for your home or office space. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed. If you’ve been stressed out by just the IKEA website imagine what it’s like actually going to the store and seeing all of that laid out in front of you. It’s a nightmare to try and work your way around an IKEA store. 
It’s a feeling you know all too well if you’ve visited an IKEA store and shopped there yourself. It’s almost like finding yourself trapped in Disney world. The store attacks all five of your senses and pulls you every which way. It manages to be both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. In the end though you’re still sat in a long line waiting to purchase just a few pieces of furniture that you spent hours deciding on. It’s a long, arduous, and stressful experience. We can help. 
The average IKEA store is laid out in such a way that you’re forced to walk past most of the furniture and accessories in the shop before you actually reach the warehouse and can purchase the things you went in to the store to get in the first place. No matter how disciplined you are your eyes (and your wallet) are going to be drawn to all those perfectly coordinated displays and accessories.  It may be an incredible business strategy for IKEA and it’s one that every store uses to great success, but it spells the end for your wallet. 


  IKEA’s delivery services are ideal for those who don’t have their own vehicles. However, their delivery charges, when combined with the cost of furniture, can be pricey. Assembly of furniture can add to the frustration of the entire process.
   If you require IKEA delivery and live in the New York area, give us a call. We service Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and of course, New York City. Our delivery charges are generally much cheaper than IKEA’s.


For any inquiries, questions please call:      (212) 641-0506 or fill out the following form
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