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We’ve got plenty of experience in assembling IKEA furniture. We’ve put together all shapes and sizes of the stuff too. When you use our service what you’re left with is great looking IKEA furniture and peace of mind. It’s as simple as that.
    - We don’t charge hourly rates, only Flat Fees for all assemblies.
              - Flat fees are based on the complexity of each item to be assembled. 
We provide a 3-month guarantee on our assembly services. 


Ikea Assembly and Delivery
IKEA furniture can really look great if constructed correctly. They are particularly useful in some of New York City’s smaller office, apartments, lofts and condos. The anticipation of new beds, sofas, tables and cabinetry can be exciting. Putting it together, however, can be challenging. If assembly of furniture isn’t your forte, or time is of the essence, trust us to do the heavy lifting for you (literally). 
Ikea Assembly and Delivery
Most people love the furniture IKEA sells, but don’t care for the assembly process that comes with it. It’s not as simple for some people as it is for others. In fact, being surrounded with random pieces and parts can be daunting, and for such people, the instructions that come with furniture might as well be written in another language. 
Ikea Assembly and Delivery
We’ll ensure all the parts that are required for assembly are intact with the package we pick up. Should we miss something, we’ll return the item or exchange it on your behalf, and bring the missing part right to you at no extra cost. Some returns and exchanges are subject to a standard delivery charge.
 While IKEA like to tell you that you don’t need any special tools to assemble their furniture the fact of the matter is that things progress much faster and smoother if you do. As such we bring our tools with us and can have your furniture assembled before you know. We also take time to do the job properly and carefully. We work to ensure that your home, office space, and furniture remain undamaged. 


For any inquiries, questions please call:      (212) 641-0506 or fill out the following form
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