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IKEA releases instructions on how to turn their rugs into Night’s Watch capes

Last week, Game Of Thrones fans learned that the reason everyone in the Night’s Watch looks like they’re wearing a cheap rug for a cape is because they are in fact wearing cheap rugs for capes. Specifically, they’re IKEA rugs that have been cut, shaved, waxed, frosted, and who knows what else to make them look like they belong north of Winterfell on the imagined continent of Westeros. If you’re one of the nerdy few that rushed out and bought one of these Swedish-made floor mats only to return home and realize you have no idea how to do costume design, don’t fret! Just like that poorly assembled dresser you keep hidden in your closet, this IKEA rug/cape comes with an easy-to-follow set of instructions.

Assembling the “Vinter Skuldervarmer” (literally Winter Shoulder-warmer) requires one of IKEA’s affordable sheepskin rugs (Rens, Tejn, Skold, take your pick), a pair of scissors, and a desire to look like you’ve been banished to indentured servitude for your crimes against the crown. Like with all IKEA instructions, there seems to be a big leap between the second to last step and the finished product, but we’re guessing that’s where the waxing and frosting comes in. Regardless, this handy infographic will get you one step closer to impressing everyone at your next watch party with a screen-accurate dorm room accessory. Sword and beard not included.

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