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First Ikea's 'Sladda' Bike in Action

IKEA Moves Into Transportation

Ikea announced earlier this year that it has designed its first bike, Ikea has now released a video revealing why it decided to move from flat-pack furniture into cycling equipment.

The "Sladda' (which goes on sale this month in the U.S. at a projected price of $797) was apparently inspired by Ikea's mission to make our lives easier, not just in our homes, but also on our daily commutes. The idea, according to Ikea, arose from its concerns that with more people living in cities, transportation was becoming overburdened.

Like most Ikea stuff, the chain-less bike needs to be assembled by the customer, but once put together, it's designed to be low-maintenance and easy.

Meanwhile, we're thinking that if Ikea is really concerned about transportation, flat-pack driverless cars could be next -- watch out Google.

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